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Welcome to the website of American Pacific Borates Limited (ASX:ABR). ABR’s Fort Cady Borate Mine in California hosts a multi-generational Borate resource where boric acid, borate specialty materials, gypsum and potassium sulfate (SOP) will be produced for the global market.

ABR is focused on becoming a globally significant advanced materials producer, with a particular interest in speciality fertilizer applications and high-value borate specialty products. The Company’s planned products are increasingly in demand for:

  • use in global decarbonisation initiatives;
  • electrification of transport;
  • clean energy generation; and
  • food security.

An Enhanced Definitive Feasibility Study (eDFS) was completed in April 2020, which built on the starter project as announced in January 2019. In June 2020, the Company secured total financing of A$77M to fully finance the starter operation, and was subsequently awarded its final operational permit in August 2020. In February 2021, the Company updated the eDFS to bring forward early SOP production.

In May 2021, the Company announced the deferral of the approach that saw Phase 1 delivered in three sections. It is now focused on delivering Phase 1 in its entrity. It is also considering an option that brings forward the construction of Phase 2. The two base case mine options under consideration are:

  • Option 1 – Combining all planned Phase 1 operations into a 90kstpa boric acid and 80kstpa SOP operation; and
  • Option 2 – Larger operation combining option 1 above with planned Phase 2 operation to deliver 270kstpa boric acid and 240kspa SOP operation.

The Project is forecast to directly employ around 250 people in full production.

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